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“Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing. Without stable shelter, it all falls apart.”

Matthew Desmond

In Delaware the primary for Governor, State House of Representatives and State Senators will be September 10, 2024.  The general election will be on November 5, 2024.  Every candidate that officially registered to run has been contacted.  What follows are the candidates who chose to fill out our housing survey.  We will be adding new candidate's answers as they respond.  Please check back periodically.

The same questions were asked of each candidate:

     1. Name

     2. If elected, will you support legislation that designates a portion of Delaware's income to a fund for the production and                       preservation of affordable housing (defined as housing affordable for households with incomes at 80% of the Area Median                 Income or below)?

    3. If elected, will you support legislation that helps ensure that all of Delaware's

         municipalities have land use policies that allow for the development of affordable housing (e.g. inclusionary zoning)?

    4. If elected, will you support legislation that protects renters with housing vouchers from being discriminated against by                       requiring landlords/property owners to consider prospective tenants who have vouchers for their open units, equally                         alongside other tenants?

    5. If elected, will you support legislation that promotes tenant stability by ensuring that a landlord may only evict or non-renew           a tenant at the time of lease renewal if there is good cause (breach of lease, rent arrears, sale of property, etc.).

    6. If elected, will you support legislation that ensures that the rights of people experiencing homelessness to access public                  services, use public spaces, and not face discrimination in seeking housing or shelter?


Governor's Race

Matt Meyer

Collin O'Mara

State Senator's Race

SD 6 Russ Huxtable

SD 6 Kim Hoey Stevenson

SD 21 Bryant Richardson

HD 29 Monica Shockley Porter

State House of Representative's Race

HD2 James Taylor

HD 3 Branden Fletcher Dominguez

HD 8 Rae Moore

HD 9 Terrell A. William

HD 10 Melanie Ross Levin

HD 14 Marty Rendon

HD 14 Claire Snyder-Hall

HD 15 Valerie Longhurst

HD 15 Kamela Smith

HD 20 Nikki Miller

HD 20 Estehelda Parker Selby

HD 21 Michael Smith

HD 22 Monica Beard

HD 23 Paul Baumbach

HD 26 Madinah Wilson Anton

HD 27 Eric Morrison

HD 29 Bill Bush

HD 41 Tom Brett

HD 6 Debra Heffernan

HD 3 Josue Ortega

HD 18 Sophie Phillips

HD 25 Cyndie Romer

HD 21 Frank Burns

HD 27Margie Lopez Waite

HD 20 Brian P. Jenkins

HD 34 Tracey Miller

Gregg Lindner

HD 14 Kathy McGuiness

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