Community development has been an integral part of Housing Alliance Delaware’s operations for several years and the organization is proud to say that individually, and collaboratively with other nonprofit organizations, public institutions, and for-profit entities, it has served communities across all three Delaware counties. Housing Alliance Delaware’s community development team is able to provide help to low-income and traditionally underserved neighborhoods in their efforts to develop into healthy, vibrant, resilient places to live and work. Our staff is capable of directing community engagement, visioning, outreach and volunteer efforts with residents, neighborhood leadership development through capacity building (i.e. financial and asset management, board development, comprehensive planning, grant writing, etc.), and coordination of technical assistance in those areas outside of the purview Housing Alliance Delaware.

Outside of activities in individual communities and neighborhoods, Housing Alliance Delaware works to foster and strengthen collaborations between organizations working in the community development space throughout our state. It is our belief that residents are best served when all of those working in the community are striving towards the same goals. To that end, Housing Alliance Delaware operates three stakeholder bodies and serves on several more that aren’t managed directly by our agency.  

Community Development Network

The Community Development Network was formed in 2015 to provide a venue for stakeholders from all disciplines to come together to collectively address the issues being seen in communities across the state. This multi-disciplinary approach allows professionals from the fields of land use planning, housing, criminal justice, healthcare, education, social services, etc. to break out of their individual silos to attack all of an issue’s root causes.

The Community Development Network works to strengthen the network of nonprofit, academic, and community based organizations providing direct community development services across the state. It does this by: convening as a group to understand and address problems felt at the organizational level, providing peer education through technical assistance and capacity building, and public policy development and advocacy to strengthen the legislative and regulatory environment in which we all work. The Community Development Network meets four times per year, at locations throughout the state.

Contact Tyler Berl, Housing Alliance Delaware’s Manager of Community Development & Advocacy for information on the Community Development Network – (302) 654-0126 X 112;

Nonprofit Housing Agenda

The Nonprofit Housing Agenda serves as a platform to further the interest of nonprofit entities operating to combat homelessness, promote affordable housing, and community development in Delaware through coordinated public policy and advocacy work at the federal, state and local level. Through the strength of our membership, the Nonprofit Housing Agenda is able to advance legislative and regulatory change, and increase public support, which benefit those we represent. Since its creation in 2007, the Nonprofit Housing Agenda has been instrumental in passing and promoting the state’s Downtown Development Districts, insuring that funding from the JPMorganChase settlement were directed towards housing and community development. Further, we have demonstrated influence in increasing funds for the Delaware State Housing Authority’s Housing Development Fund (HDF), State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP), and Strong Neighborhoods Fund (SNF). Most recently, the group supported the passage of two pieces of legislation that will promote blight alleviation throughout Delaware – House Bill 187 (2017), and House Bill 188 (2017).

Contact Tyler Berl, Housing Alliance Delaware’s Manager of Community Development & Advocacy for information on joining the Nonprofit Housing Agenda – (302) 654-0126 X 112;

Sussex Housing Group

The Sussex Housing Group was formed in 1996 as a collective of nonprofit housing providers, tenant groups, government, other community based organizations and individuals interested in improving housing and fair housing in Sussex County. While the group was created solely to advocate for legislative and regulatory change, the group’s mission has evolved substantially over time. In 2014 the members of the Sussex Housing Group chose to pool their collective resources and talents to work with engaged communities and empower them to become their own agents of change by developing leaders within and leveraging resources from without.  

Since then the Sussex Housing Group has developed formal partnerships with two HUD-identified Impacted Communities in Sussex County – Pinetown (Lewes), and Mount Joy (Millsboro). Each community partnership lasts roughly 18 months, in which members of the Sussex Housing Group provide community residents a wide variety of services, including home rehabilitations and repairs, street lighting, neighborhood beautification and landscaping, resolution of title issues, leadership development and financial empowerment training, etc. In 2018, the Sussex Housing Group will solicit applications to begin work in a third community.

The Sussex Housing Group meets monthly at the Sussex County Administrative Offices – West Complex (22215 DuPont Blvd, Georgetown, DE  19947). If you would like more information on the Sussex Housing Group, any of our partnering agencies, the services we can provide, or if you would like to become a member contact Tyler Berl, Housing Alliance Delaware’s Manager of Community Development & Advocacy (302) 654-0126 X 112;