Community Development Network

The Community Development Network was formed in 2015 to provide a venue for stakeholders from all disciplines to come together to collectively address the issues being seen in communities across the state. This multi-disciplinary approach allows professionals from the fields of land use planning, housing, criminal justice, healthcare, education, social services, etc. to break out of their individual silos to attack all of an issue’s root causes.

The Community Development Network works to strengthen the network of nonprofit, academic, and community based organizations providing direct community development services across the state. It does this by: convening as a group to understand and address problems felt at the organizational level, providing peer education through technical assistance and capacity building, and public policy development and advocacy to strengthen the legislative and regulatory environment in which we all work. The Community Development Network meets four times per year, at locations throughout the state.

Contact Tyler Berl, Housing Alliance Delaware’s Manager of Community Development & Advocacy for information on the Community Development Network – (302) 654-0126 X 112;