About CMIS

CMIS is what we call our Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) in Delaware. Housing Alliance DE is the CMIS Lead Agency, and is responsible for the local administration of this data system. We contract with WellSky (formerly known as Bowman) for the CMIS software and data warehousing. Locally we provide homeless assistance projects in Delaware with access to the system, reporting and data analysis, training on how to properly use CMIS, and technical assistance.

CMIS is used by more than 70 homeless assistance projects in Delaware to collect client-level information about people and families experiencing homelessness. This data provides an overview on the issue of homelessness at the state and community-levels. It also provides critical information about the outcomes achieved by our homeless assistance projects. CMIS data is an integral tool in the Continuum of Care’s effort to end homelessness in Delaware. It is relied upon by myriad planning groups and policy makers in our state.

For more information about CMIS/HMIS systems, please see HUD’s HMIS resources website: https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/hmis/

CMIS Documents

CoC CMIS Policies and Procedures