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CoC Annual Report

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The CoC Annual Report...


to view Membership & Program highlights throughout this past year. Topics include CoC Committee highlights, Membership Awards, events & trainings, and more.

Point-in-Time (PIT) Count

Annually, the DE CoC conducts a statewide outreach effort and census count of persons experiencing homelessness during the last 10 nights in January. The PIT Count provides a snapshot of the need within Delaware's homeless response system and helps obtain critical information on the number, characteristics, and challenges of people experiencing homelessness in our state.

PIT data is used to

  • Inform legislative, policy, and planning initiatives

  • Educate and raise awareness about homelessness 

  • Advocate for strategies and solutions to address homelessness

  • Support funding applications for dedicated homeless assistance resources

  • Evaluate the CoC's progress on reducing homelessness 

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PIT Count Methodology

HUD requires CoCs to develop a methodology for conducting the PIT Count to ensure the data collected is valid and reliable. PIT methodologies are influenced by a CoC's geographic and demographic characteristics, in addition to their resources and capacity.

DE CoC Homeless Sub-Population Reports

These HUD-generated reports provide sheltered and unsheltered homeless counts by household type and subpopulation, available at the national and state level, and for each CoC.

System Performance Measures

The DE CoC is responsible for designing a local “system” that assists persons experiencing homelessness and provides the services necessary to access and stabilize in housing. 


The DE CoC reports system-level performance to regularly measure progress in meeting the needs of Delawareans experiencing homelessness. HUD uses this this to help gauge the state of the homeless response system nationally.

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