Everyone deserves a decent and stable place to call home. Homelessness is unacceptable and a problem we can solve in Delaware.

On any given night in our state 1,000 people are homeless, sleeping on streets, in cars, abandoned buildings, emergency shelters, and transitional housing programs. One of every four people experiencing homelessness is a child under the age of 18. Throughout the year, approximately 3,000 people will experience homelessness in Delaware.

Housing Alliance Delaware is committed to working in collaboration with other partners and stakeholders to end homelessness. While many in our communities will face housing crises due to illness, domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, unemployment and other economic hardships, we should not accept homelessness as common-place. We can and must do better.

Housing First

Housing first is an evidence-based best practice that ends homelessness. Housing first is rooted in the belief that all people deserve – and are ready for - a safe place to live in our communities, regardless of their personal hardships or circumstances. In practice, to have a housing first response to homelessness means that:

  • Programs do everything possible not to reject individuals or families due to poor credit, criminal histories, or behaviors that may be interpreted as not being “ready” for housing.
  • Access to assistance is not contingent on programmatic compliance.
  • Housing and service plans are highly tenant-driven and promote client choice.
  • Participation in services is not a mandatory condition of housing, rather services are regularly offered as resources to help clients access and maintain housing.
  • The community has a data-driven approach to prioritizing housing assistance to those with the highest needs.
  • Resources and funding are aligned to promote increased availability of affordable and supportive housing that meets the needs of the population.
  • Homeless outreach and other crisis response teams are coordinated and trained, and have the ability to engage with clients and quickly connect them to permanent housing opportunities.