Nonprofit Housing Agenda

The Nonprofit Housing Agenda serves as a platform to further the interest of nonprofit entities operating to combat homelessness, promote affordable housing, and community development in Delaware through coordinated public policy and advocacy work at the federal, state and local level. Through the strength of our membership, the Nonprofit Housing Agenda is able to advance legislative and regulatory change, and increase public support, which benefit those we represent. Since its creation in 2007, the Nonprofit Housing Agenda has been instrumental in passing and promoting the state’s Downtown Development Districts, insuring that funding from the JPMorganChase settlement were directed towards housing and community development. Further, we have demonstrated influence in increasing funds for the Delaware State Housing Authority’s Housing Development Fund (HDF), State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP), and Strong Neighborhoods Fund (SNF). Most recently, the group supported the passage of two pieces of legislation that will promote blight alleviation throughout Delaware – House Bill 187 (2017), and House Bill 188 (2017).

Contact Tyler Berl, Housing Alliance Delaware’s Manager of Community Development & Advocacy for information on joining the Nonprofit Housing Agenda – (302) 654-0126 X 112;

Nonprofit Housing Agenda Member Organizations: