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1.Outdoor Surveying- These Outdoor teams will count individuals unsheltered outdoors, or in places not intended for human habitation, i.e., train and bus stations, emergency rooms, libraries, overpasses, etc. The Outdoor teams will meet at 8:00 pm on Wednesday, January 30th in the county of their selection. Outdoor teams travel on foot or by vehicle, with trained team leaders to zones with a high prevalence of homeless individuals. You need to be prepared to survey until 1:00 am. 2. Code Purple (CP) Surveying- These CP team members will respond on Wed., Jan. 30th, approx. 7pm to all CP locations in each county to conduct surveys that night. CP operates independently in each county. Sussex Co CP is not dependent on the temperature and will be open. Kent and NCC will depend on the temperature. CP volunteers in NCC and Kent will be on call until 3pm. 3. Service Location (SL) Count- These SL teams will conduct surveys the morning of Jan. 31st at food pantries, libraries, clinics, and other locations where services are provided. You will identify people who may have been sleeping outdoors the night before, but who were unable to be identified by Outdoor or CP teams. Please select your choice of service in order of preference:

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