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Delaware Continuum of Care

“The Delaware Continuum of Care is a community-based collaborative that ensures a responsive, fair, and just approach to addressing homelessness, and strives to achieve housing for all”

CoC Membership

Interested in addressing homelessness in your community? Join the DE CoC to get involved today! 

Access upcoming meeting schedules, information, and previous meeting materials on the CoC Events page.

CoC Committees

CoC committees meet throughout the year to plan and implement action items related to CoC priorities. Each committee targets a specific need, service area, sub-population, or critical CoC function.

Helps advocate for and promote solutions to prevent and end homelessness among community members, local and state leaders, and elected officials.

Access CoC Committee meeting schedules, zoom links, and materials via the CoC Events Page.

CoC Priorities

The CoC Priorities were developed to help guide and inform CoC initiatives and funding work for 2023.

The CoC will prioritize increasing the local affordable housing supply by:

  • Prioritizing projects for CoC funding that create new/additional permanent housing units for people  experiencing homelessness

  • Working with PHAs to increase access to PHA vouchers/subsidies for people experiencing homelessness and to develop move-on strategies to increase the number of PSH units available for the most vulnerable people experiencing homelessness

  • Advocating for increased affordable housing funding, and
    Engaging local leaders around zoning and land use reform to increase the affordable housing supply

View the full document here

Delaware's Action Plan to End Homelessness

Ending homelessness means that we have a responsive and accessible system of supports that:

FUCK OFF UNSPLASH_edited_edited.jpg

Prevents homelessness 

whenever possible

house near water_edited.jpg


 appropriate crisis shelter

to all people & families in need

 San Francisco_edited_edited.jpg

Quickly helps people move back into housing

in the community

Happy Mother's Day


 housing stability supports

so that no one returns to homelessness

When we end homelessness in Delaware, homelessness will be rare, brief, and non-recurring. We believe that this can be achieved by engaging each person with a strength-based approach that builds on their resilience, reduces their risks, and improves their lives from the safety and dignity of their own homes.

View the full document here

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