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CoC Board Meetings

2021 Board Meetings

01/06/2021: Agenda, Minutes

03/03/2021: Agenda, Minutes

05/05/2021: Agenda, Minutes

07/14/2021: Agenda, Minutes

09/01/2021: Agenda, Minutes

12/01/2021: Agenda

2020 Board Meetings

01/08/2020: Agenda, Minutes

03/05/2020: Agenda, Minutes

05/06/2020: Agenda, Minutes

07/15/2020: Agenda, Minutes

09/02/2020: Agenda, Minutes

11/04/2020: Agenda, Minutes


CoC Funding

CoC Awards

Consolidated Application

Scoring Committee

FY20 Scoring Committee Members

Brandy Nauman

Sussex County/ Scoring Chair

Grants Inventory Worksheet

Notice of Funding Availability

Carrie Casey

New Castle County/CoC Board Chair

Paula Witcher

VMC./CoC Board

CoC Scoring & Ranking

CoC Funding Policies

Devon Manning


Fred Banuelos

Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh

Peggy Strine

Community Volunteer

CoC Appeals

Scoring Committee Orientation

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